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Who we are?

The Salespeople’s Charity (formerly the Commercial Travellers’ Benevolent Institution) exists to provide financial support to those who are currently working or have previously worked in a business-to-business sales role, visiting client sites to promote goods and services (field salespeople) and are now facing financial hardship.

We are a grant-giving charity that provides support directly to the field salesperson, though our support can also extend to their widows, widowers, partners and dependent children. To understand more about the people that we support and the criteria that we use to determine if we can help, please visit the How we help area of our website.


The Salespeople’s Charity was established by five commercial travellers who met in the Union Hotel, Penzance, to discuss ways that they might help one of their colleagues who was unable to continue to work.

From this initial meeting, they recognised a wider need and were determined to form a body that would provide support to commercial travellers and their dependents in times of financial hardship. The Charity was founded on the 27th December 1849 at the London Tavern, Bishopsgate, London.

Originally launched as the Commercial Travellers’ Benevolent Institution, the Charity is today known as the Salespeople’s Charity to reflect the more modern description of a Commercial Traveller. Whilst the name has changed its aims and objectives remain unaltered and the Charity continues to develop as a pro-active, vibrant, contemporary and relevant organisation

The Charity is a beneficiary of the Will of the First Viscount Leverhulme  and receives an annual grant from the Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust to support our work.

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